Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making money through Ads-banners Bars !

The membership in the websites listed is 100% free , no payment is ever required . After you register , you need to download the ads bar from the website , launch it on your computer and start accumulating points that will be later on converted to cash . What the bar does is displaying ads banners , and counting points .. The more time you spend on the net , the more points you can accumulate , and therefore you will be making more MONEY ! You don't need to click on the ads , just let them be displayed on your computer and the work is done !
Referring people to those websites will even allow you to make more money , as there are for most of them 6 referral levels ! So your account will also be credited with a share of your referral's referrals , and down to the 6th level !!!

Here are some of the well-known and reliable ads bars websites !

Cashfiesta !

The individual payrate of this company can go up to 1.66$ ( USD ) for each 1000 points you accumulate through your fiestabar . The more special offers you sign up for , the higher your individiual payrate will be .. many special offers available on the website are free ! you're free to hide it whenever you wish to do so ) .
Cashfiesta pays you in checks , once you've reached your preferred check size ( that you specify during your registration ) .
Millions of people , everywhere in the world , have received checks from Cashfiesta .
Rgister now and start making your online surfing time profitable :

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Same as Cashfiesta , with the exception that this website also pays you for opening ads mails , and visiting websites ( that you need to keep open in your browser for a minimum of 30 seconds ) ! The Points accumulated through the Cheyen-bar will be converted in cash !
The money you make depends on the monthly website earnings .. still Chayen-bar is among the most reliable and profitable websites on the net !
The payment is done through your PAYPAL account .

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Smartbar !

it works the same way as Cashfiesta and cheyen-bar , after the regitration , you need to download , install then launch the bar on your computer ! Your profits depend on your surfing time on the net . The points accumulated through the Smartbar will be converted to cash !
The payment is done through Paypal , or checks ( for france residents ) .

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Euro-Barre !

It offers the same service as the previous websites . Once your registration completed , you can download the Euro-barre on your computer and let it display ads banners , it only occupies small space on your screen and you're free to hide it whenever you wish to do so . Although Euro-barre is a French company , it accepts members worldwide , and pays you wherever you are provided you have a Paypal account !

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Other websites will be added later as soon as I make sur of their reliability .

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