Friday, June 19, 2009

Make money from your website !

If you are a website or a blog owner , then this section is definitely for you .. if you're not just keep reading , as you may by the end of this post find the idea interesting enough to consider creating your own blog or website !
Making your website ( or your blog ) profitable isn't only possible , but also easy to do , given you are willing to devote some of your time to it !
There are several points to consider once you decide to go on with it . First of all you may want to know thorugh which ways you're going to do it . In fact , there are two principal ways to making money through your website : either by selling or advretising goods and services .

Advertising can be done easily through adding ads banners of the companies you choose to work with or by simply writing on your blog or in your website about the goods or the services of this company .
Even as a beginner in this field you will find hundreds of companies online accepting you as an affiliate and providing you with banners to add on your web page . How much you're going to be paid though , depends essentialy on how known is your blog or website , how many visitors you get and sometimes how many of them do click on these banners . That is why you need to know about the payment scheme of the affiliate program you're interested in before you consider joining it !

Affiliate programs pay you according to three things : your payrate may depend on either the number of times the advertisement banner is displayed ( PAY PER IMPRESSION ) , the number of times your visitors click on the ad banner ( PAY PER CLICK ) or the number of visitors who click on the banner AND purchase goods or services from the company you are advertising ( PAY PER PURCHASE OR LEAD )

Here are some of the affiliate programs you may want to join to monetize your website or blog !

Google Adsense

The famous Google adsense found almost everywhere in the web , pays both per click & impression !

More Niche

You receive large commissions for referring customers to good quality, unique products or services

The internet marketing center

Highly recommended affiliate program . It pays you per sale !


You make money from adding one of the widgetbucks to your website . Each time a visitor clicks on the widget you earn money . Adding to this , you are rewarded for referring other people to the WidgetBucks website .

Affiliate Bot

Turn your website into a money-making machine! Leverage on your traffic to earn from the best campaigns and programs in the industry.


ValueClick is one of the world's largest integrated online marketing companies. We deliver scalable solutions for advertisers to cost-effectively acquire customers and for publishers to maximize their revenue. ValueClick's industry experts can solve your most complex online marketing needs today.


Looking for more ways to earn the most from your digital inventory? We offer the most comprehensive set of publisher solutions to maximize your profits, all in one place

Casale Media

One of the well-known affiliate programs on the web .

Gorilla Nation

Gorilla Nation is one of the world's largest online ad sales rep firm. We exclusively represent over 500 leading web publishers and offer integrated media and promotional programs to Fortune 500 brand advertisers.

Affiliate Classroom


Needless to say that there are hundreds of other affiliate programs on the web , as well as good websites and blogs that are devoted to listing more affiliate programs & showing in detail how they work and more importantly how you can take good advantage of them and earn some extra cash . This post is only an initiation to one of the Many ways possible for making MONEY online .

Good luck to you !